Manggar Fisherman Village

Kampung nelayan Manggar, or Manggar fisherman village, is a village of all fisherman living in one area. Split by Manggar river, and connected by Manggar bridge. If you stand on the bridge, you can choose wether exploring the south-east, south-west, north-east, or north-west part of the village. Here you can watch how they unloaded the fish from the ships, and the process of making salty fish or squid.

Most of the houses made of wood, with traditional stage-shape. You can even join fishing lover near the bridge. Choosing fresh fish for you dinner with fair price would be a wonderful experience. And taking pictures of local ‘nelayan’ ship with its colorful ornament.

How to get there:

From the city center, you can take angkot number 7 (dark green), for Rp 5.000,-/person. Ask the driver to take yoy to Jembatan Manggar. You will see a bridge with a lot of ships nearby when you arrive.

Don’t forget to always smile to the local people you meet ^_^


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Jl. Jend. Sudirman RT.12 No.94


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